by Rukmani Krishna on  December 7, 2013 at 11:55 PM Lifestyle News
 Have Haters On Facebook? Want To Hate Them Back? Use The New 'Hate With Friends' Tool To Do Just That
Remember all the haters a person has on Facebook? Ever wondered if you could hate them back? Well, fret no more! A new Facebook tool lets users find who from their friends list hates them and also gives an option to hate them back.

The tool, called Hate with Friends, brings the list of a user's friends from which one can select whom to hate and if the same person is using the service, then the tool prompts with an alert that both users hate each other.

Creator of the site, Chris Baker, 30 said that the site is meant to be some fun and social commentary on the current status of Facebook, and he expected that there will be rare occurrence of mutual hatred on the site, ABC News reports.

Baker is also credited behind the, now called Rather, a plug-in for Facebook or other social networks that lets users block updates about a specific topic such as the Royal Baby coverage.

The report said that Baker created the Hate with Friends in a bid to take a dig at casual sex service app, Bang with Friends and Facebook.

Source: ANI

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