Grooming Tips for Women at Traditional Workplaces

by Kathy Jones on Oct 19 2013 4:50 PM

 Grooming Tips for Women at Traditional Workplaces
Lauren Rothman, the author of ‘Style Bible: What to Wear to Work’, has come up with a list of basic grooming rules that women should follow in traditional workplaces. The list has been published by the Huffington Post.
Rothman suggested that women should cover those under eye circles, as it makes you look sleepy, which is a major workplace sin.

The author said that it is important to make sure that your skin tone is even, which means that you should always wear a foundation or whatever face makeup you prefer evenly and cautiously.

Another most important grooming rule is that you must keep your skin well moisturised. Rothman said that more hydrated skin looks more awake and fresh.

According to the expert, wearing mascara and adding some lip colour is a must. Adding a little bit of mascara will help you look more awake and will make your overall makeup look more polished, while adding a tint on your pout will just draw a little attention to the one place on your face from where words come out.

Rothman said that elaborated eye makeup means overdoing it, therefore try to avoid wearing electric blue eyeshadow.

It was suggested that one of the biggest offenses is overly long, false nails or elaborate nail art. Therefore, always keep your nails short, clean and neutral-coloured.

Rothman added that your perfume is something for you to enjoy, and for somebody who comes in close. She recommended that you should go easy on them.