Grip a Comb During Labor to Fight Off Pain

by Mary Selvaraj on Jul 22 2019 11:51 AM

Grip a Comb During Labor to Fight Off Pain
Gripping a comb can help alleviate pain during childbirth so that the comb hits acupuncture points at the base of your fingers, with the teeth pressing into the palm of your hand.
This is the gate control pain theory. The //brain can focus on only a few sensations at a time. The proximity of the hand to the brain, helps the brain focus on these sensations prior, helping to forget contractions.

This is a very easy method to aid women to combat pain during childbirth.

It is so popular that women getting tattoos also hold the comb to alleviate pain.

Doula birthing partners also pack quite a few combs in their bag.

It shows results and is no longer an old wife’s tale.