by Tanya Thomas on  August 8, 2010 at 8:43 AM Lifestyle News
 Frustrated Oz Workers Use Iphone Apps to Lash Out at Their Bosses
Thanks to applications that allow them to snap and mutilate a photo of their subject, frustrated Aussie workers are now using their iPhone technology to give vent to their anger with their bosses.

Several apps have appeared allowing users to snap and then mutilate a photo of their bosses, using virtual weapons ranging from axes and machine guns to knives and blocks of wood.

Abhijeet Wable, who developed the anger management app Stress Fighter, said he wanted to let people beat up their boss or anyone they didn't like without jeopardising their job.

However, anger management expert David Cherry said such tools internalised feelings of frustration and could make matters worse for some people already under the pump.

"It's encouraging treating another person like an object rather than a human being, something to be bashed,",au quoted Cherry as saying.

Available for 1.19 dollar at the iTunes store, Stress Fighter is described as a "fighting game and stress reliever all rolled up into one".

Cruisin for a Bruisin suggests users "load the photo of your victim and then get to work giving them what for with this awesome range of fully animated weapons".

The virtual arsenal includes a sledgehammer, axe, darts, daggers and a machine gun.

Face Punch encourages users to pull on the boxing gloves and go to town on the subject of their aggression.

Source: ANI

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