by Kathy Jones on  July 24, 2010 at 10:24 PM Lifestyle News
 Stressed Managers' Holidays Turn into Hell Thanks to BlackBerry, IPhone
Thanks to the continuous onslaught of emails on their iPhones and Blackberry phones, managers are returning stressed from their holidays.

A survey from the Institute of Leadership and Management revealed that nearly 40 percent managers claim a holiday leaves them feeling 'more anxious' than before they left the office.

"This anxiety is almost certainly due to the high workloads we anticipate returning to, and the fear of what might be waiting for us when we get back," the Daily Mail quoted Penny de Valk, the institute's chief executive, as saying.

Rather than spending time with their family, many managers are frantically checking emails, responding to queries and taking calls from the office.

"Gone are the days when people cut off contact with work for a fortnight over the summer and make a complete break.

"While technology means it is easier than ever to work remotely, it also makes it extremely hard to switch off," Valk said.

More than 66 percent people who own a BlackBerry or a smart-phone say they check it 'at least once a day, if not more.'

Experts call this trend as 'presenteeism' - arriving early and staying late, as well as staying in touch while on holiday as a way of showing commitment to your employer in the hope that the axe will not fall on you.

The Institute of Leadership and Management says if workers insist on checking their emails on holiday, they should limit themselves to once or twice a day.

Source: ANI

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