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 Order Food When in NYC Central Park With the New IPhone App
With the new iPhone application called 'CityMint', joggers in Central Park, New York can now order food via their snazzy mobiles.

And the new app comes with a GPS add-on, allowing the runners carrying the meals to locate hungry customers anywhere in the 843-acre park.

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"The GPS thing is a little freaky - that people can track you down like that." But I like it. It's great they're using it for Central Park. It's so convenient," the New York Daily News quoted Annie Yano, 28, of the upper West Side as saying.

The CityMint app is free for download, and offers meals from seven restaurants near the park. The cost of delivery is free, too.

Customers can pay with credit cards or cash, with food available from noon-7 p.m. on weekends through Labor Day.

"We're hoping to maintain a 30-to-40-minute delivery time," said Tim Diamond, a CityMint project manager who worked as a runner.

The fledgling operation had five runners at the ready on day one.

Participating eateries also include Francesco's Pizzeria and Restaurant, Aroma Espresso Bar, China Fun and Big Nick's Burger Joint and Pizza Joint.

While CityMint actually launched a Web version in 2008, Central Park and the phone app are uncharted - and hopefully fertile - territory.

"It's where people congregate, and it's where people are actually going to in the summer - when they're not hiding in movie theatres," CityMint vice president Ted O'Hanlon said.

Just in case there's a problem with the GPS, CityMint asks for a phone number to find its customers among the summer crowds.

CityMint's regular version offers New Yorkers options from 400 participating restaurants.

It's the brainchild of Hell's Kitchen resident Frank Kuo.

Source: ANI

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