by Bidita Debnath on  November 21, 2016 at 11:42 PM General Health News
 Fathers Hesitate to Change Baby Diapers
Parenting forms an important event in an individual's life, even spending few quality minutes with your children can make a world of difference in child's healthy development.

Pampers in association with AC Nielsen has commissioned a survey report on #ItTakes2 in Top metros to understand parenting behavior and fathers involvement in the overall development of the babies. 432 parents were spoken to as a part of the survey and the research showed some startling facts.

Interestingly, over 90% moms believe that It Takes Two to raise a Happy, Healthy baby! But at the same time, 88% dads believe that baby chores primarily need only the mom's involvement. These are only some of the many facts that were revealed in the survey. The survey highlights how the involvement of both the mother and the father is extremely crucial for the cognitive, social as well as the emotional development of the baby.

The survey also has claims from Doctors reinstating baby care and parental behavior facts. Conducted in correspondence with Pampers latest campaign 'It Takes Two' that talks about the importance of both mother and father's involvement in wholesome development of the baby, many other astounding facts were revealed through the survey.

We would like to explore the possibility of doing a story on this along with the report stats. Please let us know if this interests you and you would like to have few more information on this or speak to a P&G Spokesperson who can share additional details on the Survey along with the campaign.

Survey Results:

  • 97% moms believe that IT TAKES 2 to raise a Happy, Healthy baby
  • 90% moms want their husbands to be more involved in Baby care
  • 88% moms agree that their husbands hesitate to change diapers
  • 88% dads believe that baby chores primarily need only the mom's involvement

Source: Medindia

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