by Shirley Johanna on  October 17, 2015 at 5:40 PM Diet & Nutrition News
Ex-Teacher Tries to Promote 'McDonald's Weight Loss Diet' at Schools And Colleges
While many health experts say that fast food is bad and home cooked meals are healthier and economical, a former science teacher, John Cisna is spreading the word that he lost 60 pounds on a six-month regimen of McDonald's food and daily walks. This has sparked criticism for taking the message about his "McDonald's Diet" into about 90 high schools and colleges.

Cisna has written a book about his so-called McDonalds diet and now he's being paid by the 60-year-old corporation to be its brand ambassador at schools across the country.

Cisna has already spoken at 90 schools on invitation. He has included a 20-minute documentary about the 54 different meal choices available on a McDonald's menu and how the choices of those meals can make a difference in diet plans.

Spokeswoman Lisa McComb said that neither Cisna not McDonald's advocates eating every single meal every day for an extended period of time from one establishment only.

"While the decision on how schools choose to educate and inform their students is up to them, we support John's desire as a teacher to provide students with facts to make informed choices," she said.

Cisna came up with the idea for the McDonald's diet along with his high school class, without help or endorsement from McDonald's. He maintained a strict caloric intake of only McDonald's meals and walking everyday. He lost 37 pounds in the first 90 days and wrote a book about it.

Cisna said that he wanted to counter the impression about fast food, especially McDonald's being suicide for health.

Critics of Cisna's McDonald's Diet school talks said that he is a pawn in the company's overall agenda to market fast food to young children.

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