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 Doctors Say Nigerian  Conjoined  Twins Have Complex  Internal  Anatomy
The conjoined eight-month old twins from Nigeria have complex internal anatomy, doctors have said. But they also added that the twins are healthy enough to be operated on.

The girls, Peace and Patience, who were born to Emmanuel and Comfort Adugbe in Nigeria in 2009, share a common liver and intestine.

"The gall bladder has ducts or tubes that drain into the intestine and we don't know that whether they have two sets of ducts or only one set of ducts. If they have only one set then we have to give that to one baby and reconstruct for the other baby, which means a long operating time, more delay, more exposure, more fluid changes and things like that," said Ashley L. J. D. Cruz, Senior Paediatric Surgeon.

"Our imaging so far has been very accurate and very useful. The babies are in excellent health. They are eight months old, the ideal age to be operated an as you saw them; they are very happy and very well nourished. So, that is a good plus point for us," he added.

Parents of the twins have high hopes from the doctors, as they have seen an eight-limbed Laxmi lead a normal life after the extra limbs were removed two years ago.

"At the first time, you know, if anyone, any human being would get this kind of news, they will be shocked, he or she will be shocked. And with that we will be looking forward," said Emmanuel.

"So, I also believe that God is with us in this hospital, that the operation will take place successfully," he added. The doctors will take a final call on the day and time of the operation after a final meeting on June 1.

A team of 24 medical personnel will operate the twins with each one playing an equally important role.

Source: ANI

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