by Kathy Jones on  October 28, 2013 at 10:41 PM Men´s Health News
 DIY Male Infertility Test Kit is Now Available in Britain
A DIY male infertility test kit that can instantly reveal whether the tester has a low sperm count has been launched in Britain.

Priced at £30, the SpermCheck kit can show within 10 minutes whether a man has normal or low sperm count. The manufacturers of the kit claim that it is 98 percent accurate if a man has 20 million sperm or more per milliliter, which nine in ten men do.

Sex therapists however feel that it may lead to serious friction between couples and girlfriends and wives may opt to secretly test to see whether their partners are potent or not while scientists said that while the kit does reveal the sperm count, it does not show how healthy the sperms are.

"When we do semen analysis, we look at the number of sperm, what percent are moving compared to what percent are not, plus we look at the shapes and also look for anti-sperm antibodies in the semen. The SpermCheck is a cursory test just looking at one of several parameters. I'm fairly scathing of it because it is a poor estimate. It's a bit like trying to look at you from the outside and saying, 'She looks pretty fit, her blood pressure looks like it would be alright' without actually measuring it", Professor Gab Kovacs, Monash IVF International Medical Director said.

Source: Medindia

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