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 Discounted Cosmetic Surgery Results in Disfigured Nose
A 31 year old woman's nasal passage caved in and became disfigured, six months after her £ 2,200, cosmetic nasal surgery at Birkdale Clinic Liverpool.

Numerous women experienced shocking results after their cosmetic surgery was performed by the unskilled surgeon Dr Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba at Birkdale Clinic Liverpool. He left one woman with a dent in a breast and one of her nipples too high and advised the grieved patient to use a supportive bra. The 31-year-old mum Rita Nugent is one of the victims of Dr Adeogba's unskilled cosmetic nose surgery. For a half-priced discount rate, she was left her with a seriously disfigured nose.

She mentioned that she experienced problems almost immediately after her surgery and by the time her wounds healed six months later her nose had caved in. She said: "It was like something from a horror movie. I asked to speak to the surgeon to ask what happened but I was told by a nurse he wasn't available.

"I had stitches all over the septum in the middle of my nose. I was in severe pain. I had a terrible taste in the back of my mouth and I was generally unwell. "The surgeon persuaded me I had to give it more time to heal. But he still didn't explain why the tip of my nose had been so damaged." The only choice to restore her horrifying damage was to return every two to three weeks for a year to have fillers injected into her nose.

She added: "My nose still looked like a mess. It was only after I was told I could get it fixed on the NHS if I had a referral from my GP that I finally had reconstructive surgery." Dr Adeogba was employed at the private Birkdale Clinic in Crosby until 2011. The tribunal who punished the untrained doctor, who passed his medical exams in Germany in 1979, learned he had consistently failed to take proper medical histories and provide patients with full information of the dangers of surgery.
 Erasing Dr Adeogba from the medical register, the tribunal branded his conduct "deplorable" and said he "continues to present a risk to patients"

Source: Medindia

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