Delhi Govt Bent on Averting Milk Adulteration: Minister

by Nancy Needhima on Jan 14 2012 6:56 AM

Delhi Govt Bent on Averting Milk Adulteration: Minister
Dr. A.K. Walia, Delhi Health Minister affirmed on Wednesday that he will persevere to overcome any possible milk contamination in the capital.
Chairing a meeting of branded milk producers here, the minister apprised them of the true spirit of the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 and stringent punishment envisaged in the new Act.

Dr. Walia instructed the bulk milk producers to ensure the supply of pure and safe milk in the capital by establishing a number of checks and balances at every stage.

The test of milk quality and purity should be conducted at the first level i.e. procurement of milk from initial producers, in-house testing during processing of the milk and random testing by way of picking up a few marketed pouches of milk from various localities.

They have also been told to upgrade their laboratories to maintain the quality and purity of milk.

Dr. Walia further instructed the milk producers to print the type and quality of milk on pouches.

Delhi consumes around 70 lakh litres of milk per day, out of which Amul supplies 18 lakh litres, DMS 3 lakh litres, Paras 2 lakh litres, Parag 1 lakh litres, Param 1.50 litres and other small companies 5 lakh litres.

Mother Dairy supplies 18 lakh litres in pouches and another 11 lakh litres as bulk supply through retail vendors.

Dr. Walia also underlined the need of maintaining hygiene standards during processing of milk in these companies and instructed the PFA Department to continue its efforts to monitor the supply of branded milk producers.