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 Dasmunsi's Condition Still Remains Critical
Information and Broadcasting Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi's condition continues to be critical on the 13th day today.

Dr. Vineet Suri, consultant in neurology, Apollo hospital, said Dasmunshi's condition continues to remain critical and that he is on life support system.

Sixty two-year-old Dasmunsi had suffered a severe heart attack on October 13 and admitted to the AIIMS.

Last Monday, he was shifted to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital for further neurological treatment.

The minister suffered a complete failure of the left ventricular system, a condition which is also known as pulmonary edema, resulting in swelling of the lungs and causing respiratory failure.

As a result there hypoxia, a condition where there is reduction of oxygen supply to the body parts, which is the main complication in such conditions.

"In the case of Dasmunsi, brain stopped getting sufficient oxygen supply resulting from edema damaging some of the neurons responsible for key functions of the body," doctors at AIIMS said.

"In his one week stay at AIIMS, Dasmuni showed no movement of the four limbs and his pupils remained fixed and dilated," the doctors said.

American neurologist from John Hopkins University, Dr Den Henley, was flown in last Saturday to examine Dasmunsi.

At present Dasmunshi is being closely monitored.

Source: ANI

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