by Ramya Rachamanti on  November 9, 2019 at 12:32 PM Research News
Community Hemodialysis Benefits Kidney Failure Patients
Community house hemodialysis may be an attractive form of dialysis for patients with kidney failure, according to a new study presented at ASN Kidney Week 2019.

Community house hemodialysis is a type of home hemodialysis that allows patients to perform hemodialysis independent of nursing or medical supervision in a shared community house. Rachael Walker, PhD (Eastern Institute of Technology, in New Zealand) and her colleagues interviewed 25 patients who used community hemodialysis to gain insights on their perspectives and experiences. Most were of Ma?ori or Pacific ethnicity and in part-time or full-time employment.

Empowering Better Health

The researchers identified 4 themes that described patients' experiences and perspectives of choosing and using community hemodialysis:

  • Reducing burden on family (when home isn't an option, minimizing family exposure to dialysis, maintaining privacy and self-identity, reducing the costs of home hemodialysis, gaining a reprieve from home);
  • Offering flexibility and freedom (having a normal life, maintaining employment, facilitating travel);
  • Control of my health (building independence and self-efficacy, a place of wellness, avoiding institutionalization, creating a culture of extended-hour dialysis);
  • Community support (building social connection, supporting peers).

  • "Community house hemodialysis is a dialysis modality that overcomes many of the socioeconomic barriers to home hemodialysis, is socially and culturally acceptable to Ma?ori and Pacific people, supports extended-hour hemodialysis, and thereby promotes more equitable access to best practice services," said Dr. Walker. "It is therefore a significant addition to independent hemodialysis options available for patients."

    Source: Eurekalert

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