by Reshma Anand on  February 3, 2016 at 3:22 PM Obesity News
Can Potatoes be the Trick Behind Weight Loss and Food Addiction?
Most of us have tried different types of diet to reduce weight and stay healthy. Now a Melbourne man has planned to start an unusual diet to shed his extra calories.

Andrew Taylor, weighing 150 kilos and a father of a year-old baby is addicted to food. His constant thoughts on food has been the reason for his weight.

He has decided to lose weight by following a potato rich diet and vowed that he will eat only potatoes for a year to lose weight.

He has chosen potatoes because he wanted something to be bland that will make him hate food in the long haul. He has shared about his diet routine comprising of boiled or roast potatoes with no oil and just sauces and seasonings on his Facebook page 'Spud Fit'.

He said on his page, "I'm getting 600% of my daily iron requirements and 400% of vitamin C requirements from potatoes. Potatoes have plenty of protein which I didn't understand until I started doing research. The whole thing is incredible, they have so many nutrients. I can basically live off potatoes, it has everything I need. The only supplement I'm taking is for Vitamin B12."

Last year he had lost 10 kilos and believes that he will get rid of his food addiction by following this diet. Andrew is monitored by a doctor and dietitian. The potato diet is his idea and he does not suggest this diet plan for others.

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