Can a Brain Tumor Take a Person’s Sense of Humor Away?

by Reshma Anand on Dec 31 2015 4:24 PM

Can a Brain Tumor Take a Person’s Sense of Humor Away?
Imagine how would it be if you lose your sense of humor and forget all your funny jokes one fine morning? It will be shocking and embarrassing right. But this turned into a reality for a groom on his bachelor party.
Andrew was a fun loving //guy who loved to crack jokes and tell funny stories. But suddenly he found that he could no longer remember his favorite jokes or find the words for funny remarks. He visited the GP, but his results were put down to weight loss and stress.

After certain months, during his bachelor party he fell conscious on the floor. He was immediately taken to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary wherein he was diagnosed with an egg-sized tumor on the left side of his brain.

A cyst caused by the tumor was pressing on the part of the organ used for speech, explaining Andrew's inability to tell jokes.

They immediately performed a four-hour surgery to remove the tumor and he instantly noticed the difference in his speech and his humor returned within a few days.

Andrew, from North Cornelly, said, "I used to make people really smile at work but I would find I would start a joke, I'd have four or five people around me but I couldn't find the punch line and I'd have to stop. It was embarrassing. People would think I was being odd or ignorant, but actually it was all because of a brain tumor. As unusual as it sounds, when they told me I was relieved. I finally knew what had been wrong all along, and how they were going to try and fix it.”


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