by Kathy Jones on  March 20, 2012 at 9:27 PM General Health News
 Brit Woman Hoping to Replace Paralyzed Arm With Bionic One
A 35-year old British woman is hoping to replace her arm that has been paralyzed after a car crash nearly 12 years ago with a bionic arm.

Nicola Wilding lost function of her right arm following a car accident which resulted in some serious injuries. Wilding revealed that she had brought her arm forward to protect her head and this resulted in serious injuries to the arm including destroyed nerves and bones.

Though doctors were able to set the bones back and restore some movement in her upper arm but the injuries to her brachial plexus, the complex set of nerves which run from the neck via the shoulder to the arm, were so severe that the doctors revealed that they could not do anything more.

Wilding said that she was frustrated with the inability to do anything with her right hand until she saw a program which featured an Austrian man with similar injuries undergoing a surgery to get fitted with a bionic arm. The program also showed the first patient, Patrick, able to do everyday work with his bionic arm.

Wilding said that she had to wait for a long time before finally being able to get an initial consultation with the surgeon, Dr Oskar Aszmann. Dr Aszmann said that while his initial conclusion was that she was ready to undergo the surgery, more tests are needed before confirming whether she will be fitted with a bionic arm.

"She's already ready to go. She says she wants to have a functional hand and arm, so I think for her there's no question in her mind. What we have to figure out is what she still needs to qualify for an elective amputation and I think for that she will need to come to Vienna for us to conduct thorough tests", he said.

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