Brit Men Last Longer In Bed Than Foreigners

by VR Sreeraman on Oct 19 2009 3:42 PM

 Brit Men Last Longer In Bed Than Foreigners
British men last longer in bed than speedy foreigners, a new study has announced.
To reach the conclusion, boffins in Holland reviewed the sex performance of nearly 500 men from five countries against the clock.

The study by researchers at Utrecht University found that before reaching climax men from the UK averaged ten minutes.

Men from America managed to hang on for only eight minutes, the Dutch 6.5 and the Spanish 4.9. Turks trailed in last, clocking up an average 4.4 minutes, said the study.

One man, whose nationality was not identified, lasted just six seconds, reports The Sun.

A spokesman said: "The UK had the longest time. We found no major difference in those who used condoms. But men who drank alcohol before sex tended to last longer."

The results were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.


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