Boots Introduces Anti-ageing Body Cream

by Medindia Content Team on Oct 12 2007 3:28 PM

Just months after consumers emptied shelves of Boots No7 anti-ageing face cream, the company has come up with another product that claims to work the same wonder on the body - anti-ageing body cream.

Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Body Serum is said to work on a wider area than the first potion.

The new cream has the same base as the facial version, which means it is smooth. Since it is for the body it also has greater moisturising effect.

Along with similar peptides, the cream also has other ingredients that made the facial product a success. But, unlike the facial serum, which is for use with a moisturiser, the body serum is meant to be used alone, reports the Daily Mail.

Experts suggest that the cream works effectively on the exposed parts like neck. The product’s advertisement says ’day by day, it refines texture, evens out skin tone, gives a firmer appearance and restores luminosity, so that after four weeks, skin looks noticeably firmer and more radiant’.

Scientist Steve Barton, Boots's skincare scientific adviser has worked on the new product that is expected to be "extremely popular". Barton said the product had been well received in consumer trials.

However, he also says that for best results customers should go for sunscreen and choose cleansing products according to their skin type.