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Biotronik Receives CE Mark for Its New Version of Galeo Coronary Guidewires
Biotronik has received CE Mark for the new version of Galeo coronary guidewires. The new Galeo guidewires are coated with a hydrophobic coating.

The coating helps in navigation and in transferring the feel of the vasculature to the doctors' fingers.

To provide confident control while navigating through difficult anatomy, there is a solid one-piece core wire within the device that connects the back to the tip. Doctors can also choose the stiffness of the tips and the support that the guidewire provides while being pushed down the vessels.

Dr. Daniel Weilenmann, Head of Interventional Cardiology at the Kantonsspital, St. Gallen, Switzerland, stated, "The guide wire is an essential tool for interventional cardiologists in daily practice and it determines the success of a procedure. The new generation Galeo guide wire with its hydrophobic coating clearly enhances the tactile feel, granting me a better sense of what is happening inside the vessel. Additionally, Galeo's torque response greatly improves steerability and deliverability through complex vascular anatomies which makes it much easier to control the guide wire during the procedure, improving the chances for an optimal outcome. Thus this new Galeo guide wire with its exceptional torque and flexibility will certainly be the work horse guide wire for many interventional cardiologists."

The new version of Galeo guide wires reintroduces important design specialties from the original model to ensure superior trackability and torque.

"The first users of this new generation Galeo have experienced firsthand the 1:1 torque response and peerless trackability that are the hallmarks of this product line," commented Dr. Alexander Uhl, Vice President Marketing, BIOTRONIK Vascular Intervention. "We have listened to physicians' feedback and created a true workhorse guide wire to round out our unsurpassed portfolio of coronary intervention solutions."

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