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Beauty Tips to Get Rid of Chapped Lips and Rugged Skin This Winter
Winter is on the door step and so are chapped lips and rugged skin. Like many other teen girls, chasing the right cream and make-up for your skin is going to be a daily tragedy for you in the upcoming months.

Put an end to the trauma and follow the tips that renowned make-up artists have to give. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate is what Supriti Batra has got to say. The Delhi based make-up artist believes that the mantra for good wintry skin lies in moisturization and hydration.

And to follow this mantra one needs to take care of her skin from the inside and outside, so she needs to eat five colors of food, which are red, yellow, green, purple and white and should apply cream, which are filled with extra moisture and hydration. But, then comes the problem of getting oily and dull skin because of the lotions.

As a solution to this, Supriti recommends using creams that have a high content of moisture and hydration, instead of being creamy and oil based. Make-up is a part and parcel of every girl, be it winters or summers, but they often get confused in choosing the right colour palette. Shreya Chadha claims darker palettes are winter's best friend.

Choose wine or plum shade to decorate your lips, but the art lies in balancing, as Shreya says if one chooses darker lip colors than she should go for nude eyes. While, Supriti believes shinier skin is a winter must have and this can be achieved by using a foundation that has illuminating effect or is tinted.

During the day one should go for lighter and coral colors because of the sun but giving a pop in the later part if the day is something that can be fun. Go for pigmented lip balms instead of matt lipsticks, but don't forget to put a balm multiple times.

Source: ANI

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