by Thilaka Ravi on  December 25, 2013 at 5:33 PM Lifestyle News
Quick Beauty Tips for Christmas Parties
Busy inviting friends, preparing Christmas dinner, buying and wrapping all the gifts, decorating the house and more? Steal a few minutes for yourself to work on your looks. suggests tips for women who can't spend hours on beauty ritual:

- If you have five minutes: Give yourself a facial massage just to relax the senses. A five-minute massage can de-stress the muscles and also helps to freshen you up.

- If you have 10 minutes: Run a bath with a warm sugar exfoliating home-made scrub and also do a five-minute massage with an exfoliating product. This process will give you energy and make you feel and look great. Massage your body with a body brush. It stimulates circulation, boosts cell renewal and eliminates toxins.

- If you have 15 minutes: Take a shower using a natural shower oil which is hydrating for your skin. After a shower, you can give a 10 minute massage to your body, starting from the ankles, de-stressing your muscles, creating natural energy.

Source: IANS

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