Back to The Future: Sex With Robots On the FrontPage Of Cosmo?

by Tanya Thomas on Sep 24 2009 8:32 AM

A leading scientist has reason to believe that robotic functions won't be limited to easing household work - it might enter bedroom activities too!

US robotics scientist Professor Rodney Brooks, former head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, said he had no reason to doubt that the technology would have 'sexual drivers'.

"Every technology that we've had, there has been a sexual driver of it," the Couriermail quoted Brooks, a founder and former chief technical officer of lucrative US company iRobot, as saying.

"I mean, that's certainly true of photographs in the 19th century; and home video players were really driven by sex; and of course the web has been a major source of sex. Yeah, there will be (sexbots) but it is not specific to robots per se," he added.

The expert said the development of sexbots may take some time.

He explained: "There are two versions of it, I suppose. We accept that, yes, there will be robotic sex toys, remote presence sex where someone is controlling a robot and stuff. But there's also been some more outrageous stuff (predicted) - where people marry robots.

"Who knows what will happen in 300 years - you just can't predict - but it's not a burning issue guys. I mean, really."

But artificial intelligence researcher David Levy, who completed his PhD on the subject of human-robot relationships, told LiveScience: "At first, sex with robots might be considered geeky, but once you have a story like 'I had sex with a robot and it was great!' appear in a magazine like Cosmo, I'd expect many people to jump on the bandwagon."