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 UK Government Plans To Get 'Perfect Robot Replicas' In Place of Citizens
Leaked reports from a top secret agency indicate that government scientists are planning for UK citizens to be replaced entirely by perfect robot replicas within the next 10 years.

According to a report in The Sun, the leaked report says that the MIT (Ministry of Information Technology) will soon see the development and sale to the public of mechanical representations of humans, called 'surrogates', which are operated through mind control.

It says that the UK population will be cajoled by a huge public marketing campaign into purchasing their own surrogate and a special operating device - called a 'Stim Chair' - that they attach themselves to in the safety of their own home.

The mind pattern impulses sent through diodes on the 'Stim Chair' then activate the individual 'surrogates' who take to the streets to tackle the day-to-day grind of the individual.

The startling technological advance will be billed to the UK as a necessary step in an increasingly violent and terrorist-threatened world.

The white paper goes into incredible detail about creating a world where crime, pain and fear don't exist because the British public live a 'utopian existence' with the 'surrogates' taking all the risks.

But, while robots will effectively be running the entire country, without a human mind sending impulses from the 'Stim Chair', the robotic doubles are completely inactive.

The development work of the 'surrogate' population is thought to have been sparked by reclusive billionaire and MIT genius Dr. Lionel Canter.

Scientist Andrew Stone, a world leader in futuristic robotics from the US, explained that while the plan reads like the plot for a new Bruce Willis sci-fi movie, it was far from implausible.

"It is very real. Technology becomes a lifestyle. It pervades society and people then depend on it in their lives," he said.

"What would we do today without the Internet? Without cell phones? It's hard to imagine. But 10 years ago, they barely existed. It's the same with 'surrogates'," he added.

"There is already talk of celebrities using them, secretly for now, but in the medium term as advocates. In 10 years time, we will all be using them," he further added.

Source: ANI

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