Are You a Trendsetter? Now, All About You in a Coffee Cup

by Savitha C Muppala on Sep 22 2013 8:57 AM

 Are You a Trendsetter?  Now, All About You in a Coffee Cup
What does your love for latte reveal?
In a new insight, researchers found that your cup of coffee has a story to tell about the kind of person you are, considering that in the United Kingdom, 70 million cups of coffee is consumed every morning.

According to a recent analysis, your morning cuppa of caffeine reveals your personality traits.

So, what does your love for latter reveal? According to Clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula, it could just be that you are an easy person to please!

She analyzed 1,000 coffee lovers and studied common personality styles for instance - introversion, warmth, sensitivity, patience, perfectionism and such others.

Her study found that those who would not trade black coffee for any other are the very simple ones – direct, impatient and change averse. In contrast, latte drinkers portrayed the desire to be in the good books of others and hence will love to please others.

Cappuccino drinkers are the obsessive, controlling kinds, and are also very health conscious. The happy go lucky ones are the instant coffee drinkers with a tendency to put off doing things on time.

The trendsetters clearly are the ones who liked their coffee both cold and sweet and could take bold decisions in social set ups with a streak of recklessness.

Quite a story about you from these unassuming cups of coffee !