by Anubha Sinha on  May 13, 2014 at 12:33 PM Research News
 Anger, Depression During Teens Influence Romantic Life Later: Study
Experiences of depression and anger during teenage years influence a person's love life even 20 years later, a new study has revealed.

University of Alberta researcher Matthew Johnson said, "The fact that symptoms of depression and expressions of anger can endure over many large events in life shows how important it is to deal with mental health early. Sometimes, problems don't just dissipate. How you grow and change over those early years becomes crucial to future happiness."

Thus, depression and anger felt during early years affect their marriage, romantic life, career and child-rearing abilities, the study said.

The research that started in 1985 tracked 178 women and 163 men through their transition to adulthood from age 18 to 25.

Johnson added that people can help themselves by "recognising the fact that where they are in their couple relationship now is likely shaped by earlier chapters in their lives".

The study helps in understanding the relationship between early life and divorce and domestic violence in adulthood. The negativity does not end with years. It has a lasting effect on an individual's later life as well and so the problems faced during teenage years should be dealt with as early as early as possible before it gets out of hand.

As per experts, teens are more prone to get affected by depression than others because of the hormones they experience and the peer pressure in schools and colleges.

The study was published in Journal of Family Psychology.

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