by Savitha C Muppala on  August 21, 2009 at 7:56 PM General Health News
An Unexpected Creep in Her Shopping Bag
Mrs Coles, 63, of Coles Place, was always so phobic of snakes, and had to face her worst fear.

On Friday morning, Mrs Coles opened her cupboard to fetch a shopping bag as she had plans of going shopping.

As she brought the bag out of the cupboard, her dog started barking loudly. When she opened the bag, she was startled and shaken to find a python coiled inside.

Mrs Coles said: "I looked inside and I saw a snake!

"I'm terrified of snakes and I couldn't believe it when I saw it.

"I was shaking for ages afterwards.

"If it hadn't been for my little dog I would have taken the snake shopping to Lidl!"

She flung the bag with the snake outside and immediately telephoned her daughter Cross, for help.

Her daughter Sara said, "My mum was hysterical - she really doesn't like snakes at all."

According to the RSPCA, the snake was a baby python and may have made her cupboard his home for over six months.

Sara said: "The RSPCA officer said my mum was lucky it was only a baby because they can grow up to 15ft long!"

Source: Medindia

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