by Tanya Thomas on  June 28, 2010 at 10:54 AM Lifestyle News
 6-Month Gay Law Anniversary Celebrated By Thousands In Gay Pride March in Mexico
Thousands of people took part in a gay pride parade, celebrating Mexico City's historic decision six months ago to become the first city in Latin America to allow same-sex marriage.

For three hours on Saturday, throngs of jubilant demonstrators aboard colorful floats and convertibles, but mostly on foot, streamed down Paseo de la Reforma to gather outside the Bellas Artes Palace, in the oldest part of the city.

"We're here to celebrate that we are a city that doesn't discriminate or despise, but respects homosexuals, that allows us to marry, work and hold hands in the street," Orlando Garcia told AFP while marching hand-in-hand with his partner.

Mexico City's left-leaning legislature on December 21 approved gay marriage and opened the way for gay adoptions, provoking a wave of uproar from religious groups in the Catholic nation and conservatives including President Felipe Calderon.

Two Mexican women became the first to wed in Mexico City on March 11, but Calderon's administration has since contested the city law in the country's Supreme Court, which has yet to rule on whether gay marriage is allowed by the constitution.

Hundreds of demonstrators Saturday shouted slogans urging the high justices to make same-sex marriages legal throughout the land.

The gay pride parade also celebrated late author and gay-rights advocate Carlos Monsivais, who passed away a week ago in Mexico City at the age of 72.

Source: AFP

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