4 Foods That can Help Regulate Inflammation in Our Body

by Kathy Jones on Mar 25 2013 8:48 PM

 4 Foods That can Help Regulate Inflammation in Our Body
A professor and dietary expert at University of Alabama, Birmingham, has identified four food items that can correctly regulate the inflammatory responses of our body.
The immune system triggers inflammation in order to counter the presence of toxic elements in the body. However there are times when the inflammatory responses continue even after the toxic substances are destroyed, often causing problems that are more severe than the initial condition that triggered the response.

UAB’s Lauren Whitt suggests that the inflammatory responses can be correctly regulated by eating food items that are naturally inflammatory. According to Whitt, eating food items such as dark and leafy greens, tomatoes, citrus fruits and wild-caught salmon could help reduce inflammation in the body.

“Americans are constantly on the lookout for a quick-fix, so when our immune systems kick into overdrive, we would generally prefer to pop a pill and keep moving. But if we focus on our diets, we can alleviate the need for the anti-inflammatory medications in many cases”, Whitt said.


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