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What is Ringworm?

Ringworm is a general term for a common fungus infection on the skin. In scientific terms it is called ‘Dermatophytosis’. The infection is called ringworm, as it appears as round or ring-like in shape. Pets, such as dogs or cats, may be a source of transmitting the disease to humans. Although ringworms are common among the children, anybody can be affected by it.

Common Causes of Ringworm

  • Through scratches or cuts in the skin

  • Affects damp areas where sweating is common

  • Using unwashed clothes or sharing combs of infected people

  • Swimming pool

  • Pets

Home Remedies for Ringworm

Tip 1:

Rub a slice of freshly cut raw papaya on the patch.

Raw Papaya Slices: Effective Remedy for Ringworm Infection

Tip 2:

Make a powder with mustard seeds. Add some water to the powder and make a paste. Apply on the patch till it disappears.

Tip 3:

The juice of basil leaves (tulsi) to be applied on the patch 2-3 times a day.

Tulsi / Holy Basil Leaves to Cure Ringworm

Tip 4:

Garlic is an anti-fungal food that has been used for innumerable health conditions including ringworms. Smash few pieces of garlic and rub it on the affected area daily till the patch heals and disappears.

Garlic: Natural Cure for Ringworm

Tip 5:

Turmeric has great natural antibiotic qualities. Extract the juice from fresh turmeric and apply to the areas that are affected until you see the problem go away.

Tip 6:

Vinegar and salt are a good combination for treating ringworms. Make a paste of vinegar and salt, apply it directly onto the ringworm patch and leave it for 5 minutes. Continue this method daily till the patch heals completely.

Vinegar and Salt can Treat Ringworm

Tip 7:

Lavender oil is yet another substance with powerful anti-fungal effects. Apply lavender oil onto the affected area daily, the oil does not simply stop fungi from developing, but actually kills the infection.

Tip 8:

Tea tree oil helps in treating cuts, burns and various fungal infections like ringworms. Add several drops of tea tree oil in sterile cotton and apply it directly to the ringworm-infected area. Repeat this process three times per day until the infection goes away.

Use Tea Tree Oil to Get Rid of Ringworm

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Kat-Hen, Ireland

I found Orlden Hair Oil to be an excellent cure for ringworm. It may be used for ringworm in both humans and pets. It can be bough online from : www.orldenlivestockproducts.com

mrmarcus456789, United States

i have ring worms on the right side of my head i think its from dirty ass clippers at the barber shop or sum dumb ass had the ring worms in thier head im pissed

carolky, United States

Plain and simple , I have cleared this up MANY times.
With 12 grandchildren you got to have some home remedies.

BLACK WALNUT... FIND ONE STILL IN THE SHELL, BREAK SOME OF THE SHELL OFF ,AND RUB IT ON YOUR RINGWORM. Works Every time. It will dye your skin dark, but that will wear off. Apply for 2-7 days and it will be gone.
Carol I.

Gloria808, United States

I've had ringworm for about maybe a month and a half. it sucks im pretty sure i got it from my friend from sleeping over at here house! and not i have about 16 diferent patches of ring worm on my legs and one on my stomach. ive been using cream! but hasnt helped much. They've turnes white and just waiting for them to fully heal. I'm pretty sure its because i need to wash my sheets and bed spread more often! to make sure it dosnt come back! because i only started of with 3, now look where im at! i have to wear jeans to school everyday for 5 days a week! trust me stay clean, YOU DONT WANT IT!