Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer - Unveiling the Link

About Increased Use of Technology

Thanks to the developments and advancements in science and technology, we have become dependent on gadgets and appliances for even the simplest of tasks. Though it has made lives easier, technology also has its pitfalls, which cannot be ignored.

Usage of cell phones, laptops and portable devices has increased, and to such an extent that it is believed that a child born today, will spend approximately 25 years of his life in front of a screen; and that is pretty much believable considering the many functions and tasks that can be carried out in a single cell phone device.

Cell Phone Radiation

This increase in usage of cell phones, however, is scary enough as a lot of studies have pointed out to the harmful effects, possibly carcinogenic effects of excessive use of cell phones. So how exactly does it work out? Read on to know more.

What is Cell Phone / Mobile Phone Radiation?

Cell phone radiation or mobile phone radiation refers to the radio waves emitted by a cell phone; which are absorbed by the body tissue and may supposedly cause harm. As a part of regulatory caution, the amount of this energy absorbed into the body is measured in SAR (specific absorption rate) and its maximum permissible levels are now used as a standard for mobile phone companies.

Cell phone Radiation and Cancer

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), in the year 2011, classified mobile phones and their radiation as Group 2B, which means that it could be possibly carcinogenic in nature.

Earlier, a couple of studies involving a large number of people, too, linked the cell phone radiations to an increased occurrence of cancer. This called for the spread of public awareness and encouragement of a decreased use of cell phones as a precautionary measure. A recent study, however, suggests otherwise. The Delhi Medical Association claims that there is no risk of cancer in individuals using cell phones, as long as the set limit is followed.


"There is no conclusive evidence to suggest a relationship between mobile phone radiations or towers and brain cancer as long as the set limits are adhered to. The radiations are too weak to be of any harm," DMA president Anil Agarwal explained. "Radiation emitted by the sun is thousand times stronger than ones emitted by a tower. Even the energy inside an oven in one second is multiple times stronger than the cell phone tower emissions. Cell phone photons do not have enough energy to cause a mutation in our DNA.”

Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer

With newer studies coming in, all contradicting each other, it can be difficult to decide if cell phone use does cause cancer; however, it is pretty clear that too much usage of not just cell phones, but anything, can be harmful on health.

Cell phone Radiation Safety Tips

Yes, we know you can’t live without it-which is why, we’ve introduced simple tips to cut down your cell phone usage without you having to suffer the ‘withdrawal symptoms.’

  • Text more: Talk less, text more is the rule to cutting down your exposure to cell phone radiation in a smart way! This is because texting involves less emission of radiation as compared to voice communications
Use Text Messages Avoid Radiations
  • Use the headset: Using your headset or speaker phone option while talking is yet another simple step to cutting down on your exposure to cell phone radiations, especially if you’re someone who needs to be on the phone all day
Use the Headset Avoid Radiations
  • Check the signal: If you’re in a low signal reception area, try to postpone your calls and make them when the bars are preferably full. That way, you’ll reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation
  • Keep it away: When not in use, keep it away-it applies to all those who have a habit of keeping their cell phones in their pockets or under their pillows!
  • Swap: For simple tasks such as watching your favorite TV show or listening to music or reading a book, stick to natural sources (the television, music player and a simple paperback) instead of overdoing it with your cell phone
Watching TV Avoid Cell Phone

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