Vitamin B12 - An Essential Vitamin


Doctors suggest that regular instances of depression could be linked to vitamin B12 deficiency.

Alzheimer’s dementia, cognitive decline, memory loss, multiple sclerosis (MS), neurological disorders, learning and developmental disorders in kids, cardiovascular disease could all arise due the deficiency of B12

Because deficiency of vitamin B12 manifests as common problems of memory loss, depression, lack of concentration, slow asymptomatic heart damage, is the symptoms are often misunderstood as a normal course of ageing or blamed to be the result of personal or environmental issues. But the truth is that vitamin B12 deficiency is far more common than most health care practitioners and the general public realize.

Vitamin B12 - An Essential Vitamin

It has been seen that up to 60% of the Indian population, 20-70 years of age, both urban and rural suffer from some form of vitamin B12 deficiency. It is entirely possible that at least some of the symptoms we attribute to "normal" aging- such as memory loss, cognitive decline, decreased mobility, etc. – are at least in part caused by B12 deficiency. Low B12 levels are seen to be as common in younger people as they are in the elderly.

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