Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which doctor should I consult for cubital tunnel syndrome?

A: You should consult your family physician first, who will examine you and may recommend conservative treatment. If this fails, he may refer you to an orthopedic surgeon if he feels that surgery is required.


Q: When should I see a doctor?

A: You should see a doctor if your symptoms are severe or persist for more than 6 weeks.

Q: Is cubital tunnel syndrome dangerous?

A: It is generally not dangerous, but in severe cases where surgery is required, potentially serious complications can occur.

Q: What is the recovery time for cubital tunnel surgery?

A: Following surgery, the stitches will be removed after 2 weeks. For full recovery, it may take another 6 weeks (total 8 weeks).

Q: What are the risks of cubital tunnel surgery?

A: Some of the risks include (i) persistent pain / stiffness, (ii) infection, (iii) nerve damage, and (iv) damage to blood vessels.