Mosquito Diseases - Allethrin is Safe

Allethrin is safe

Allethrin is a chemical used in the leading mosquito repellent products.

  1. World Health Organisation: "Allethrin" has been reviewed and has been approved by the High Power Committee of W H O for use in households...Year 1989 based on exhaustive toxicology data submitted by Sumitomo (Japan & Aventis (Germany).
  2. Allethrin is approved by Central Insecticide Board, Ministry of Agriculture - Government of India, based on data submitted on chemistry, bio-efficacy, toxicology and packaging.

Protect you lives and lead a happy, healthy and hygienic life Declare war on mosquitoes. They are easier to kill. Malaria & Dengue are not. They kill! So repel them.

All it takes is a few precautionary measures. Let's maintain a clean environment. Have healthy, hygienic habits.

Always use personal protection like mosquito repellents, aerosols, creams, coils, vapourising mats and nets.

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