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Side effect(s) of Cilnidipine

Read the side effects of Cilnidipine as described in the medical literature. In case of any doubt consult your doctor or pharmacist.

General: Gastrointestinal disturbances, lethargy, increased frequency or urination, muscle aches, impotence, abnormal liver function, allergic reaction

Eye: Transient blindness, eye pain

Cardio vascular system: Low blood pressure, palpitations, chest pain Central Nervous System: Dizziness, headache, depression, reduced blood flow to the brain

Dermatological: Flushing, thickening of gums

Other Precautions :  Cilnidipine interacts with the results of vanillyl mandelic acid test which is used to detect tumors such as pheochromocytoma and neuroblastoma.
Therefore, this drug should be avoided for 72 hours before sample collection but the patient should be monitored intensively in a clinical setting.

Drug Name : Cilnidipine

Cilnidipine generic Cilnidipine is a calcium antagonist or calcium channel blocker prescribed to treat the high blood pressure in patients with essential hypertension. In contrast to most other calcium channel blockers, cilnidipine blocks two types of calcium channels the L type channels in the blood vessels and the N type channels in the nervous tissue. It relaxes the blood vessels, therefore reducing the stress on the heart. It is approved for use in some countries including India, but not in the United States.
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