How to Take Oxybutynin Hydrochloride and it's Dose

It comes as a tablet to be taken by mouth. The transdermal patch should be applied onto the skin as per the instructions given in the leaflet.

Dosage & When it is to be taken

The recommended dose for adults when taken orally is 2.5 mg twice a day.Maximum dose of 5mg can be taken 3-4 times a day if needed.Single transdermal patch delivering 3.9 mg/day can be applied onto the abdomen, hip or buttock twice weekly.

When it is not to be taken (Contraindications)

Oxybutynin is contraindicated in patients who are allergic to the drug, with glaucoma (increased ocular pressure), myasthenia gravis (condition which makes the muscle weak), porphyria (a metabolic disorder) and urinary retention. It should be avoided in patients with structural or functional gastrointestinal obstruction, since it reduces the movements of the digestive tract.

Drug Name : Oxybutynin Hydrochloride

Oxybutynin Hydrochloride belongs to group of drugs known as antispasmodics and anticholinergics.

Trade Names/Brand Names of Oxybutynin Hydrochloride

International :

Ditropan, Ditropan XL, Oxytrol