Written by Dr. Rashida Shabbir Tankiwala , Diplomate of National Board (DNB) | 
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Nithin Jayan, MBBS, DNB on Oct 21, 2020


Cellulitis of the lids present with diffuse swelling of the lid, redness, pain and discharge. It is more commonly seen in children.

It is due to bacterial infection and it needs immediate attention of an eye doctor. The doctor essentially tries to differentiate infection involving only the lid or that which has spread deep in the orbit with limitation of the eye movement and causing protrusion of the eye and double vision.

Preseptal cellulitis: swelling & redness of the left lids

It is treated with oral or intravenous antibiotics. It is essential to follow up with the doctor to avoid infection spreading deep in the eye socket.


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