Last Updated on Oct 25, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which doctor specialist should I see if I need to be screened for a breast lump?

Seek an appointment with a General Surgeon or a surgeon who has special interest in breast surgery.

2) Does preventive surgeries guarantee against breast cancer?

No it does not. It reduces the risks considerably. However the surgeries cannot completely rue out cancer development.

3) If I am BRCA positive does that mean I will develop cancer later on?

Being BRCA positive does not mean that you will definitely develop cancer. It only puts you at a higher risk and must be treated as a sign of warning.

4) Are BRCA genes found in everyone?

Yes they are. BRCA genes are tumor suppressor genes and they survey our system for abnormalities. One of the reason why cancer develops is because these genes undergo mutations.


drveerendra Monday, June 15, 2009

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