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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should be consulted if my child is suspected to have Asperger's syndrome?

Assessment under a Psychiatrist can help the child. A child psychiatrist is the ideal however this may not be always possible.

2. What are the common problems faced by a child afflicted with Asperger’s syndrome?

The main difficulties faced by a child with this disorder manifests in poorly developed conversation skills, expression and non verbal communication. Victims do not possess adequate emotional intelligence to handle social interactions. They appear clumsy and confused, therefore end up being marginalized amongst peers. Group activities are a cause of anxiety to victims. The adjectives of ‘eccentric’, strange or ‘queer’ fit them to a ‘T’. This leads to aggression and resentment and many of them withdraw into their own world. Many of the victims also suffer associated mental health problems like anxiety disorder, depression or Obsessive compulsive disorder. Some children portray learning problems as well.

3. What are the challenges faced by an Asperger’s syndrome child in school? How does it affect the child?

Behavioral problems lead to unpleasant experiences in school. A place which is welcome to most kids becomes a source of anxiety to Asperger’s syndrome children, especially if they are not accepted amongst the peer group. Behavioral problems and non conformance to laid out rules in school, attracts the ire of teachers and students. Many of the victims become the target of ridicule and bullying, which only increases their aggression and negativity. This leads to an aversion to school and to learning itself. Many of the victims turn away from friends and interaction and trap themselves in their own negative thoughts.

Trouble in school causes allied problems and could manifest in any of the following forms:
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Fluctuating moods
  • Temper tantrums
  • Depression
  • Tendency to avoid school

4. What are the strategies to assist Asperger’s syndrome children combat teasing and bullying in school?

Parents must establish a proper channel of communication with the school. Children who are constantly bullied withdraw rather than fight back. Parents must always show empathy and understanding. This is important to reassure the bullied child. Home, should be a comfort zone for the victim to regain composure. Constant motivation is perhaps the only way to restore normalcy in such children.

5. How can parents help the child in speech and conversation skills?

Good parenting can make all the difference to the troubled child. Parents can train the child to communicate clearly. To do so, parents must demonstrate the required voice and expression, in order that the victim learns the correct manner of speech and expression. Tape recorders can be employed by parents to train such children.

Read – aloud sessions with the parent is a tested way to improve clarity of speech and expression. Victims often leave inexplicable gaps in conversation. Sometimes when they are asked a question, they are confused about the answers. This may mean that they leave long silent pauses before the conversation resumes. Training them with rescue phrases such as “Let me think for a moment’, ‘I am not sure’, ‘I don’t know’ bails the child out, making it easy to hold the conversation.


Kane157 Friday, December 30, 2011

Hi, is there such a thing of being "borderline" Aspergers? I do have a lot of the traits and symptoms of a person with Aspergers, but except for a few and one major one, and that is the fact that I am over emotional. To the point where I can't control them. But everything else seems to fit into my personality and my confusion to everyday situations. Cretin things that I touch hear and drive me out of my mind. I snap uncontrollably at people when cretin things are said to me, like trigger words. I sometimes go into uncontrollable rages if the wrong thing is said, I end up moving objects across the room that take four people to move. But yet I would never touch the person who triggered me, I end up feeling a large amount of my anger is more frustration. Frustration that I don't understand and why don't they understand. I have never passed a test over shear anxiety, and always seem to be at my worst in these situations. I find bliss in the repetitive. And am not quite social, the few friends I have say I'm weird, or the didn't like me when they met me. But seem to love me as I am quite honest and caring. I feel like I am odd and there is something wrong with me, and after watching the film Adam. I feel like that's me. I recently did a test online, and I know they are mostly incorrect. My score inferred that I was on the border, it came down to 2 and I'de be a candidate for Aspergers. So am I being silly or is it possible?

cllaire Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is there such a thing a 'borderline aspergers syndrome'? If so what are the symptoms of this, and could it be passed on? I ask this as my husband has aspergers and he and I have baby boy. So I would like to know if our son, could have it?

shaney Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I have family on the spectrum. I would love to chat with you as I am trying to contact adults with AS to talk to.

Dilip47 Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hi Prema,
Your question is answered below;
Chris and Gisela are consultants on Asperger Syndrome [AS] to the new Fox Searchlight Pictures film "My Name is Khan".
Shibani Bathija, who wrote the screenplay for the film, along with director Karan Johar, used their book, as well as interviews with us, as the basis for the film's central character, Rizwan Khan.
Rizwan is played by the acclaimed Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan, and the leading lady is Kajol.
While on subject, I would like to add that we have been happily living with our AS son for the last 29 years. We would like to form/join a support group in India for persons with AS.

Nietnaam Friday, January 20, 2012

Is there a AS family/spouse support group in India. My husband was always special and was formally diagnosed with AS when he was 35yrs. I do not have AS but need support and trained counselor from time to time. Any resource?

prema Monday, February 15, 2010

Is My name is Khan of Shah Rukh Khan on Aspergers syndrome?

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