Your Genes Hate It When You Sleep Less

by Savitha C Muppala on Feb 27 2013 9:49 AM

 Your Genes Hate It When You Sleep Less
For those of you who sleep less and are habituated to it, this is a wake up call.
It is not just bad skin and mood that we so often associate sleep deprivation with. Lack of sleep can have a far reaching impact and can also alter the genetic make up. This can trigger a host of chronic illnesses connected to immunity, stress and inflammation.

Sleep deficiency has an adverse impact on more than 700 genes. Some genes feel extremely lethargic and experience reduced activity while others become hyper active. In effect they just go haywire. This can adversely affect the body clock, immunity, and stress responses.

'Multiple studies have shown self-reported short sleep duration - defined in most studies as less than six hours - is associated with negative health outcomes such as all-cause mortality, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and impaired vigilance and cognition, ' researchers warned.

Sleep deprivation is equally bad for children. It gravely affects memory and performance.

Sleep well at nights, or you may end up losing sleep over chronic illnesses!


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