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 Young Lady Addicted to Junk Food
Junk food addict, Faye Campbell from Suffolk, cannot live without her diet of chips, pizza and cheese burgers. For the past 16 years, she has eaten nothing but junk food and has not ever touched a green vegetable or a piece of fruit.

She swears by McDonald's over any homemade meal.

Surprisingly, though she eats only cheeseburgers, pizza and chips, this 21-year-old has managed to stay trim.

So put off by the thought of eating vegetables or any fruit, she said, "the thought of fruit or vegetable just makes me feel physically sick. Even putting them near my mouth terrifies me."

Her breakfast is toast, a large pizza from Dominos for lunch and cheeseburgers for dinner. She cannot bear the smell of any vegetable or fruit.

She said: "If mum is cooking a roast dinner with vegetables I have go in to a different room because I can't stand the smell. Sometimes I have to open all the windows to get rid of it. It's got to the point where I'd be happy to sit in the lounge with a pizza, while they sit in the kitchen with their roast-it has become a normal routine for us now. My family wishes I could sit with them and have a meal together, but I just can't."

Truly worried, Faye's mom took her to a medical specialist and she was diagnosed with a digestive disorder called gastro-esophageal reflux. The condition, which leaves the person with chronic indigestion and heartburn, has developed into a phobia for food. After couple of sessions with a child psychologist, Faye began to eat foods like pizza, burgers and cheese.

She said: "I still can't bring myself to eat a roast dinner or a homemade lasagne. It took me a good couple of years to get used to the other foods and I'm still fussy with that. There's just something in my brain that says 'ugh' whenever I'm faced with new food and I go in to panic mode.As soon as the phobia kicks in I just can't bring myself to eat - I can't even think about taking a bite."

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