by Bidita Debnath on  December 22, 2016 at 11:24 PM Lifestyle News
 Young Indians Associate Marriage With Emotional and Financial Stability
A recent survey reveals that young Indians think that marriage will bring them emotional and financial stability.

Matchmaking service recently conducted a survey to understand the sentiments of singles towards marriage.

About 20.5 percent men and 23.1 percent women said "can't wait to get married" and 12.2 percent men and 10.3 percent women said "not for me". While 18.2 percent men and 13.2 percent women said they were "not sure".

When people who said "not for me" were asked why, 35.1 percent men and 27.2 percent women said "Don't want responsibility", followed by 23.2 percent men and 21.3 percent women who said "Don't believe in the institution". About 26.3 percent men and 20.3 percent women said "Don't want long-term commitment", followed by 15.4 percent men and 31.2 percent women who said "fear change".

When they were asked what was the biggest benefit of getting married, 25.7 percent men and 34.7 percent women said "emotional anchor", 33.7 percent men and 20.1 percent women said "financial stability", followed by 40.6 percent men and 45.2 percent women who said "lifelong companion".

The online poll received over 14,700 responses from (women -- 47 percent and men -- 53 percent) single Indians aged between 25 and 32.

Gourav Rakshit, CEO of, said in a statement: "We have always believed that marriage in India is about 'when' and not 'if'. It is very encouraging to see that the youth of today look at marriage in a positive light and, more importantly, they have a realistic view of life after marriage.

"Finding a partner who can offer you emotional as well as financial compatibility is very important for a relationship to be successful."

Source: IANS

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