Young and College Age Americans Play an Important Role in Obamacare

by Vanessa Jones on Nov 15 2013 11:20 AM

 Young and College Age Americans Play an Important Role in Obamacare
"Last week according to an article published in USA Today there was a story line stating Obamacare options look grim for young people.” The author a millennial felt young people have been placed in an awkward situation by Obamacare. This generation needs to buy insurance or pay fines.
Most young people being healthy will not only have to buy insurance but pay high premiums. Obamacare has been relying on them to balance the treatment for those with pre-existing illnesses or the really sick Americans. “My lack of enthusiasm for signing up has to do with the unappealing options health care reform has presented my generation,” Katrina Trinko, the young USA Today author, wrote. She explained that young people will “pay for the elderly,” facing higher premiums–an expected 27 percent increase in California, according to Forbes—to subsidize senior citizens and the terminally ill. Trink explained that these premiums are outrageous, considering the low incomes of 25- to 34-year-olds—$65,041 in 2012, according to the Census Bureau.

What these young people fail to understand is that coming from a generation of narcissistic and self contained youth who have always put their own needs first needs to focus on feeling good about contributing their bit to others. Trinko concludes that, “If young adults choose to voluntarily give their hard-earned money to their elders — whether grandparents, neighbors or friends — to help with medical costs, that’s their prerogative. But it should be their choice, not another burden forced on them by the Boomers and their ilk.”

William Strauss and Neil Howe feel that their generation is not so much entitled brats, but civic-minded, institution builders. Strauss and Howe write: “Their life mission will not be to tear down old institutions that don’t work, but to build up new ones that do.” It is found that the young and healthy support Obamacare even more than expected - as in Maryland alone 25000 young people have signed up for Obamacare, they are in the age group of 25 to 29.


Hannah Punitha (IRDA Licence Number: 2710062)

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