World's Youngest Sex-change Person to Become Singing Star

by VR Sreeraman on Sep 21 2008 10:56 AM

The world's youngest person to have a sex change is all set to become a pop star.

Kim Petras, originally called Tim, had started hormone treatment at the age of just twelve.

The German girl, who is now 16, has landed a record deal for her debut pop album.

She has overcome years of taunts and bullying to release her first CD after becoming a cult hit on MySpace and You Tube.

Kim has been officially registered as a female.

She has long blonde hair and blue eyes.

"My music is most important to me at the moment. It's the way I can best express myself. I know that because of my past people will always bring up the subject, I can't get away from it," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"But I hope that one day I might be better known for my music than for my past," she added.

Kim was diagnosed as a transsexual three years ago, when doctors observing her concluded that her claims to be "in the wrong body" were so deeply felt that she required treatment.

Her therapy included artificially halting male puberty, and administering female hormones to initiate the development of her breasts.