World's Most Faithful Couples are the Aussies, Says Sex Researcher

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 19 2008 6:03 PM

Aussie couples seem to be the world's most faithful, for just three per cent of them were found to have cheated on their love ones in the past year during a survey.
Dr. Juliet Richters, a sex researcher at the University of NSW, carried out telephonic interviews with 6,500 adults, and found that just one per cent of women and four per cent of men in exclusive relationships had had sex with someone else in the past year.

"Australians have an impressively high level of commitment in relationships, probably one of the best in the world," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Juliet as saying.

"And it shows that Australians are certainly consistent because they practise what they preach. They overwhelmingly say that having sex outside a relationships is wrong and that's obviously what they do," the researcher said while making a presentation on the findings of the Australian Longitudinal Study of Health and Relationships at the Australasian Sexual Health Conference in Perth.

However, the statistics have not gone down well with another Sydney sexual health expert Dr. Rosie King, who says that the picture over several years or decades would be "radically different".

"The rate for cheating is more likely to be 40 to 60 per cent in any one relationship, which is depressingly high," she said.

Highlighting the fact that historically men were more likely to cheat, she insisted that the sexes had almost drawn equal these days with women joining the workplace, and gaining the freedom to be unfaithful.

She said that remaining monogamous was a struggle for the majority of couples.

"There's no easy way to be faithful. Every person, no matter how much they love their partner, is at times going to be attracted to somebody else," she said.

"You can't avoid that. But what you can avoid is fostering that relationship and furthering it. That's a conscious decision," she added.


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