Babies are Excellent Communicators

by Rajashri on Sep 19 2008 6:02 PM

German scientists are claiming that babies as young as one can pass on useful information and that infants are excellent communicators.

To reach the conclusion, researchers at the Max Planck Institute asked 49 one-year-olds to help their parent find an object that had fallen out of sight while the adult wasn't looking.

Most of the toddlers were able to help their parent.

"One-year-olds, before they have language skills, can point informatively and communicate appropriately for ignorant adults," the Daily Express quoted the report, as stating.

In another experiment the parent saw the object fall - and the babies knew they didn't need to help.

Researcher Malinda Carpenter said: "In contrast to classic views of infant communication, infants' early pointing at 12 months is already based on an understanding of others' knowledge and ignorance, along with a motive to help others."