Work from Home Increased Time Spent on Emails

by Hannah Joy on Jan 25 2021 11:01 AM

Work from Home Increased Time Spent on Emails
Over 55 percent millennial Indians feel that work from home has increased the time spent on work emails for more than two hours, finds a new survey.
The survey conducted by Hiver, a Gmail-based customer service solution for teams, highlights that as many as 60 per cent of millennials believe that long email interactions hamper productivity while working from home. It revealed that 57 per cent of millennials feel the need to constantly check their work email every few hours since working remotely.

More than half (52 per cent) of the millennials surveyed said they now check their email as soon it lands in their inbox, which is up by 10 per cent from before WFH began. The survey also found that over 56 per cent of millennials continuously aim to hit 'Inbox Zero' - which is a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty, or almost empty, at all times.

When asked about their preferred collaboration tool to connect with colleagues while working from home, 67 per cent of millennials chose a mix of chat platforms and video conferencing tools (Zoom, Google e-meet, MS Teams, Slack, etc), 25 per cent mentioned WhatsApp, and 8 per cent preferred emails.

Commenting on the survey, Niraj Ranjan Rout, CEO, and Co-founder of Hiver said: "As the threat of the pandemic continues, work from home has become a norm. Even as organizations have adopted virtual collaboration tools to make teamwork effective, email continues to drive maximum connections within organizations and externally as well. With automation and integration of advanced technology, Hiver is working towards redefining email management and helping teams stay productive."