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Ovarian cancer may not actually stop you from becoming a mother. Early diagnosis and advancements in medical technology can help you enjoy motherhood.

Thirty-six-year-old Anita Malik (name changed) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her early 30s; she was shattered and lost all hopes of conceiving. She lost both her ovaries but under medical supervision of an oncologist and gynecologist, the doctors saved her Uterus. She underwent IVF treatment with egg donation and gave birth to a healthy baby.
Women With Ovarian Cancer can Still Conceive, Enjoy Motherhood
Women With Ovarian Cancer can Still Conceive, Enjoy Motherhood

Twenty-eight-year-old Nina (name changed) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer post her marriage. As it was an early diagnosis at Stage 1, only one ovary was removed. She took IVF treatment and gave birth to a healthy baby.

"In my daily practice I have diagnosed few women with ovarian cancer at early age; they seem to be healthy but due to hereditary conditions, such a deadly cancer catches them early," informed Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj, gastroenterologist and obstetrician, Nurture IVF Centre.

Dr. Archana added, "Ovarian Cancer can occur in the ovary without any prominent symptoms, like patient can have abdominal bloating, dyspepsia and sometimes even urinary complaints. These are common symptoms of many other problems; therefore it becomes difficult to identify the Ovarian Cancer at early stage."

She noted that if the cancer is diagnosed early, one can be hopeful of motherhood under medical care. "If only one ovary is removed, it means still the women has 50 percent chances of conceiving as only fertile ovaries are required. If both the ovaries are removed but uterus is healthy, one can conceive with the help of IVF (In vitro fertilization) technique," explained Dr. Archana.

If diagnosed with ovarian cancer, one should immediately freeze their eggs and preserve for conceiving later. Early warning signs should not be kept unnoticed or untreated.

As per Dr. Archana, "awareness should be created among women. 140,000 women's death every year is only because of lack of awareness, diagnosis at early stage will increase chances of survival." If you are fatigued, have regular indigestion, heartburn, constipation and have back pain with menstrual irregularities and have painful intercourse, its time visit a doctor for a preventive check-up.

Source: ANI

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