by Julia Samuel on  May 9, 2016 at 7:33 PM Alcohol & Drug Abuse News
For the first time, cocaine addicts may soon have a "cure" for their unhealthy dependence as a team of Indian-American scientists has developed a vaccine to treat this addiction.

The vaccine cures brain's hyperactivity of drug addicted, especially cocaine addicted. So far, no vaccine or drug approved by the US Federal Drug Authority (FDA) is available to treat cocaine addiction.
Anti-cocaine Vaccine, a Possible Cure for Addicts
Anti-cocaine Vaccine, a Possible Cure for Addicts

"Researchers failed to tune the sensitivity of the antibodies production in our immune system to stop the brain hyperactivity due to lack of vaccine biomolecule design," said team leader Dr. Rajagopal Appavu of the Texas University.

He added, "We are the first team to develop an antibody in the blood stream that effectively stop cocaine molecule from reaching the brain." Dr. Rajagopal told the Indian Science Journal, the vaccine developed by them is 100 percent safe and effective. The key elements of the vaccine are self-assembling proteins/peptides and modified cocaine molecule (not original cocaine molecule). It was tested effectively on mice.

"After the ELISA analysis, we got significantly powerful antibody response against cocaine," Dr. Rajagopal said. "This is the first such method for vaccine development and experiments in mice showed 100 per cent result. We are now moving towards clinical trials," he added.

Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant that can cause significant health problems, including overdose and death. Since signs of cocaine abuse are similar to the symptoms of other health issues, it can be difficult to find whether someone is using cocaine.

Short-term effects of cocaine abuse include violent behaviour, increased heart beat, increased rate of breathing, disturbed sleep, hyperstimulation, depression, high blood pressure leading to heart attacks, stroke and death.

Source: ANI

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