by Reshma Anand on  November 5, 2015 at 4:12 PM Women Health News
Women Take Note! New Alarm Enabled-Jewelry Can Prevent Sexual Assault
Jewelry is a girl's best friend and a man's worst enemy. But this new invention may change, jewelry as a rapists worst enemy. Wearable technologies to monitor health and fitness are becoming a trend now. Similarly, how about wearing jewelry that prevents you from sexual assault?

Athena, a new range of wearable technology is catching everyone's attention. Roar for Good is a company that focuses on developing solutions to help make a difference. Athena is the first product of the company. It is a small circular device that sends a message to an emergency contact number.

Most wearable technologies are made for wearing on the wrist, but Athena has changed the way. It can be plugged on to your handbag, clothing, purse or even one can wear it as a necklace. The user can just switch on the device which connects via Bluetooth to their phone and immediately sends an alert message to an emergency contact. But the phone must be in the range of 50 ft to this device. If not, it will not send the message, instead will make an alarming sound.

"We took a self defense class and we found out that the worst place to wear a safety device is on your wrist, because you only have one hand to activate it. That's why we designed ours so it's not a bracelet," explained Yasmine Mustafa, co-founder of Roar for Good.

Roar for Good has also given Athena a "silent mode," which will send a text alert to an emergency contact without setting off the alarm in some particular situations where alarms can sound risky or prohibited. It is designed in three colors namely black, gold and silver and is expected to reach the market next year.

"Women should not need to alter their lifestyle, modify their behavior, or carry self-defence devices to protect themselves. Our goal is to help create a society where that is a reality," said the company.

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